Nickelodeon NFL Nickmas

A holiday invasion of mixed reality characters and effects filled the broadcast with over 35 minutes of AR antics.

ESPN Big City Greens

Groundbreaking collaboration with ESPN and Disney that transports the real hosts of the NHL broadcasts to the world of Disney's Big City Greens.


With FIBA mascot JIP front and center, we literally soared past expectations to deliver a show-stopping AR experience nightly for the 2023 World Cup.

Fox Sports LVII Super Bowl


CBS March Madness

We developed real-time, triggerable “Team-moji’s for CBS Sports March Madness studio show in 2021 and 2022. These AR avatars are highly customizable with nearly 100 animations, dozens of special FX options, and full runtime controls of team, color, studio placement, and scale.

MTV Movie Awards

Wild Rift Esports

ESPN Toy Story

Papa John’s

We used our virtual production stage and capabilities with Papa John's to create a virtual kitchen and living room, allowing us to adjust lighting, camera angles, and the layout of the set quickly and easily.