CBS March Madness

We developed real-time, triggerable “Team-moji’s for CBS Sports March Madness studio show in 2021 and 2022. These AR avatars are highly customizable with nearly 100 animations, dozens of special FX options, and full runtime controls of team, color, studio placement, and scale.

Oregon Halo

We created a mixed reality AR flyover of the Halo Pelican to help Xbox promote Halo Infinite during halftime of a major college football game. The experience captivated the 60k+ fans in the stadium, and drew massive attention with thousands more fans liking, replying and sharing the clip online.

BabyNut Real-Time

SRX Racing

Zaxby’s XR Club

Doritos XR Sparky

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Fox Sports Crowded

Cheetos Super Bowl

CNN New Year’s

Joji 777