Zaxby's Club

We captured the excitement of Zaxby’s new club sandwich by using state of the art XR technology and real-time DMX lighting controls to transform a commercial kitchen into a bumpin' dance club.

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Virtual Set, Real Transformation

Zaxby’s wanted to promote their new club sandwich in the most fitting way, by taking it to the club. The creative concept required turning a back-of-house kitchen into a nightclub — featuring appliances like fridges and fryers that morphed into stacks of lights, bumping speakers, and DJ booths. To deliver that using a traditional production route would have required a challenging set build. With just weeks until the shoot date, we turned to extended reality, modeling a 3D set extension in Unreal Engine. By building the foreground set practically, the scene was still rooted in reality, giving the talent real surfaces to work on and enabling the camera to move through a real environment. By extending the set to a virtual kitchen, the production team had real-time control over the transition from kitchen to club, including DMX lighting controls to trigger hundreds of virtual and practical lights on cue.

Zaxby’s (Brand)
Tombras (Agency)

Schrom (Production Company)
Michael Schrom (Director)
Carl Sturges (Executive Producer)

Environment Design & Development
XR Operation
DMX Lighting & Programming
Camera Tracking

Unreal Engine
Stype RedSpy