Truly Unreal


Real-Time for All Screens

As masters of the principles of virtual production, Silver Spoon follows best-in-class practices for content creation for real-time pipelines. With a tradition of ‘firsts,’ we have become an industry leader, highly sought-after for real-time content for all screens.


Complete show control and virtual production operation

Silver Spoon excels at creating technically sound content that is as functional as it is beautiful. Not only do we make exciting visual content, we make sure it works in real-time right out of the gate.

A tradition of 'firsts' in

AR particle simulation. real-time avatars. AR crowd simulation. real-time VFX. real-time environments. dynamic virtual sets.


We Run in Real-Time



Netflix Iron Chef

Utilizing groundbreaking AR and XR technology, we elevated the world renowned “Kitchen Stadium” for the highly anticipated revival of Iron Chef on Netflix.

Fox Alter Ego

We developed 22 custom avatars, each with 4 unique costumes and multiple special FX, for the first-ever avatar singing competition, “Alter Ego.” Contestants performed as their dream avatars, driven by live face & body motion capture.

CBS March Madness

We developed real-time, triggerable “Team-moji’s for CBS Sports March Madness studio show in 2021 and 2022. These AR avatars are highly customizable with nearly 100 animations, dozens of special FX options, and full runtime controls of team, color, studio placement, and scale.