Doritos XR Sparky

With an ambitious turnaround time, we created a new brand mascot, Sparky, as well as developing several 3D real-time environments. Shooting 3 different commercial spots in 3 unique locations in only 1 production day was only possible by using XR technology.

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3 spots, 3 locations, 1 production day

We love a good challenge. Tasked with the impossible, we partnered with Doritos to introduce their new line of Flamin Hot Chips with a brand new mascot, Sparky, a high-energy, devilish flame character who captured the excitement of the new product. With an ambitious turnaround time, we developed the character in parallel with building 3 highly responsive, 3D virtual environments in Unreal. Utilizing virtual production technology with XR, these immersive backgrounds, combined with practical set dressing, allowed us to efficiently shoot 3 different spots in 3 unique locations, in only 1 production day. By shooting more complete in-camera shots, our post production team could focus on building Sparky’s animation and giving the spots VFX and finishing touches, without worrying about green screen keying and lengthy compositing times.

Frito Lay (Client)
Schrom (Production)

Content Design & Development
Virtual Production
Camera Tracking
Live-action Production
Character Animation

Unreal Engine
Stype RedSpy

XR New York