Fox Sports Crowded

We developed and operated the first-ever real-time crowd simulation for live sports broadcasting. Procedural generation of thousands of AR people with realistic motion and custom-built controls to trigger audience reactions on the fly.

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No crowd, no problem

Fans of the game, make the game, so with a nation under lockdown, we partnered with Fox Sports to develop an innovative solution to an unprecedented problem. Built on Unreal Engine and Pixotope, “Crowded” is the first-ever, real-time AR crowd simulator for live broadcasts. This tool allows operators to procedurally generate thousands of AR people instantly, with custom-built controls to trigger audience reactions on the fly. Featuring over 500+ loopable actions, custom built characters, and prop integration, crowds can be fully customized for any event. Using Lidar scans and advanced 3D camera tracking technology, we’re able to integrate top-of-the line AR into any number of tracked cameras, giving show directors the freedom to shoot events like any other.

Fox Sports

Character Design
Crowd Simulation & Development
Motion Graphics
AR Operation

Unreal Engine