MTV Video Music Awards

We teamed up with Silent Partners to transport legendary rappers Snoop Dogg and Eminem into the Metaverse for a first-of-its kind, hybrid music video performance for MTV’s 2022 Video Music Awards.

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‘High’ Caliber Performance Video

Performing at the MTV Video Music Awards is all about pushing the boundaries of live performance, and that’s exactly what Snoop Dogg and Eminem set out to do for their epic 2022 “From the D 2 the LBC” collaboration. Teaming up with Silent Partners, we set out to create a visually stunning, hybrid music video to accompany them on stage. Beginning as a live performance, the show opened like any other, with Snoop and Em smoking a comically large blunt. Suddenly, their vision starts to blur, and the legendary duo blasts off into a psychedelic virtual world where they’ve been transformed into metaverse versions of themselves and ‘bored apes’ avatars, morphing back and forth between the two. Synced with the live lyrical performance, the audience joined the pair on a hallucinogenic visual adventure, flying through fantastical worlds, piloting submarines, performing on a spaceship stage, cruising in a low-rider, and of course, smoking rainbow blunts. Silver Spoon handled the character creation & animation, performance capture, and FX. With plenty of ‘high’ praise for this innovative performance, the final product was a visual treat for live audiences and viewers at home, further demonstrating the power of technology to push the boundaries of our imagination.

MTV VMA’s (Client)
Silent Partners Studios (Creative)
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The Werk Howse

Avatar Design & Development
Custom VFX
Body & Facial Capture / Animation

Unreal Engine