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Discover a novel approach for shooting commercials in store with our latest for Red Lobster using cutting-edge virtual production and Unreal Engine technology.

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Virtual Production and Unreal Engine for Red Lobster Commercial

Red Lobster, a popular seafood restaurant chain, wanted to create a visually stunning commercial that showcased their food and restaurant. They wanted to create an immersive environment that would capture the attention of viewers and convey the experience of dining at their restaurant. However, shooting on location can be expensive and time-consuming, and it can be difficult to create the desired look and feel with traditional filmmaking techniques.

To meet the client's needs, the Silver Spoon team employed our virtual production stage (XR New York) and the use of Unreal Engine to shoot the commercial. By using this approach, the team was able to create a digital environment that looked and felt like a real Red Lobster restaurant. We could design and customize the set to match the restaurant, which allowed for greater flexibility in terms of camera placement and set design, and eliminated the need for expensive equipment and set construction.

Schrom (Production)
Barkley (Agency)

Content Design & Development
Virtual Production Operation

Unreal Engine
Stype RedSpy

XR New York