SRX Racing AR

We wrapped a summer of live broadcasts for SRX racing with CBS Sports, featuring first-of-its kind AR using a tracked drone, real-time data integration, stunning particle effects, and an out-of-this world RV stunt jump over the track.

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High Octane AR

CBS Sports wanted to fire on all cylinders for SRX racing 2022, so we pulled out all the stops to deliver an unforgettable, first-of-its kind AR graphics package using a tracked drone for 3x different race events. Featuring real-time data integration, our graphics automatically triggered as the winner crossed the finish line. As the tracked drone pulled away into a wide shot, fans were treated to a larger than life animated graphic of the winning driver next to their car, surrounded by stunning real-time particle effects to celebrate the victory. But we didn’t stop there, we also delivered a stylized, SRX “ghost car”, and developed a gravity-defying RV stunt jump over the track as an AR advertisement for Camping World. High octane AR, all in camera, in real-time

CBS Sports (Client)

Content Design & Development
AR Operation
Camera Tracking

Unreal Engine
Stype RedSpy