BabyNut Live Stream

Combining premium motion-capture technology with the power of Unreal Engine, we brought the lovable Planter's Baby Nut back to life for an interactive, real-time live stream during Super Bowl LIV.

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4.5-hour Interactive Live Stream

Beloved Planter’s mascot Mr. Peanut heroically sacrificed himself to save his friends in a Super Bowl LIV spot, but was soon reborn as “Baby Nut.” Planter’s and Vayner Media wanted to reintroduce their cuddly new character in a big way. Using the power of Unreal Engine, we produced a 4.5 hour live-stream of Baby Nut as he explored his virtual nursery. Captured in our 10,000 sq. ft. Brooklyn studio, a real-life actress brought Baby Nut to life using live performance capture, captivating audiences as they watched Baby Nut dance, play, and respond to their requests in real-time. Garnering nearly 2 million views over the course of the steam, it’s safe to say Baby Nut was given a proper reintroduction.

Planter’s (Brand)
Vayner Media (Agency)

Content Design & Development
Motion Capture
Motion Graphics
Production & Switching

Unreal Engine